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Many people are distressed by the topic of race, but few know how to talk about it. Parker and Chambers caution us, “With so much ‘happening’ around race, yet so little spoken about race, the topic takes on a forbidden air.” Our worst fear is that confronting racial issues will lead us to anger, misunderstanding or even violence. Dialogue offers a solution. How do we begin that dialogue? The Anti-Racist Cookbook offers effective, practical answers.

Why The Anti-Racist Cookbook Is Important

• Conversations about race are key to solving America’s racial inequities and building truly inclusive communities, workplaces and schools. The Anti-Racist Cookbook gives ordinary people ways to initiate such conversations. The authors reveal insights from their lengthy experience as facilitators of cross-race discussions.

• Research shows that conversations about race among diverse individuals reduce ignorance, prejudice and anger, and deepen cross-race relationships. The Anti-Racist Cookbook offers an easy-to-use guide for talking about what has been called “the hardest topic to discuss in our society.”

• Creating meaningful cross-race conversations will help make real this country’s fundamental principles of justice, equality, opportunity and racial inclusion for all. The Anti-Racist Cookbook turns talk into action through conversational recipes and intervention strategies that can positively change the climate for diversity where people live and work.

Praise for The Anti-Racist Cookbook

“Rarely do books offer practical advice on how we can all begin to challenge racism in our personal and professional lives. But that is just what The Antiracist Cookbook does, and amazingly well at that. Here are steps that anyone can take--some fairly basic, others more advanced, but all worthwhile--which, if implemented by more people in this country, would begin to move our culture and its institutions away from the inequity and unfairness which have too often been their hallmarks. I recommend it for activists, educators, and anyone else interested in answering the question "what can we do and how can we do it?"

—Tim Wise, author, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

The Anti-Racist Cookbook is a must-read for managers and human resource professionals! It’s chock-full of tips, advice, thinking points and practical gems about diversity that are vital for business success.”

—William A. Borden, Sr. Vice President, Citigroup

“This book is an important addition to the vigil against racism and discrimination. Like a Rosetta Stone for cross-cultural understanding, The Anti-Racist Cookbook deciphers what is often mysterious or misunderstood about our interactions across race. It’s a must-read for educators, students and others concerned about improving race relations in the 21st century!”

—Joan Oby Dawson, Ph.D., Project Director
New York University Equity Assistance Center

“Robin Parker and Pamela Smith Chambers have demonstrated a rare talent for distilling the essence of good racial dialogue in America. But The Anti-Racist Cookbook is important not simply because it gives wonderful recipes for cross-racial conversations—it provides a way to heal the rift of race in our society.”

— The Very Reverend Canon Petero A.N. Sabune,
Fmr. Dean of the Cathedral of Newark, New Jersey
Chaplain, Sing Sing Correctional Facility

The Anti-Racist Cookbook is clear, comprehensive, easy to use, and provides tools in a way that empowers the reader to put the tools to use. It will help people in their daily lives and encourage positive change in our communities through constructive conversations about understanding and working on racism. I thank the authors for what they have taught me and for taking each reader another step forward.”

—Priscilla Adams, Regional Secretary for Quaker Concerns



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